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mid air

A cold war science fiction drama series consisting of 8 episodes

written by: Ziad Semaan (Based upon a short story by Mischa Rozema)
directed by: mischa rozema

"The truth about our Universe will be found in another'"

An unprecedented gravitational event threatens a colony on Mars, and humanity’s last hope, with extinction. But inside a mysterious cave on the red planet, an American cosmonaut discovers the answer to mankind’s survival exists in another Universe altogether.

This film explores humanity’s imprint on the fabric of space and time. Where the vast cosmological scale and infinitesimal particle meet. A collision of consciousness.

From the birth of human imagination in the ancestral caves of modern man to the continued wandering spirit of a human colony on Mars, Mid Air threads a narrative of hope, despair and everything in between.

Mid Air is an ensemble piece set across the ages of both familiar histories and unfamiliar timelines. A unique narrative told from beyond the boundaries of our known Universe. A cinematic window on characters in the Multiverse.

From 31,000 BC to 2030AD, Mid Air takes us on a journey down parallel paths. Set across eras teetering on fine margins of error. Entering the Cold War and emerging unscathed in one Universe and scarred in the other.

In Mid Air, the consequences of one man or woman’s actions can extend beyond this Universe.